Bird of the Ocean, Fish of the Air

Feet undressed, I wander the sandy shorelines,

rendered senseless by a silent breeze and a still bliss,

divorcing mind from body, swaying to that dangerous rhythm 

as earth marries wind marries water marries skin.


I taste the salted caress that once lapped at my feet

and now fills my lungs as the white mantle comes crashing,

breathless, timeless as we dance in a familiar fatal plunge,

down into that deep and true, that twisting regal blue.


Bird of the ocean, come fly with me again;

Fish of the air, come harmonize your silvery figure to mine,

a soft song in the pale glow of an eternal midnight,

senseless, blind but to the feeling of your touch.




You read the message straight away,,,nicely done,,,,well put together,,,

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