The Birch Tree In The Storm

The Birch Tree In The Storm

I love the way you exert yourself, a beauty driven out of confidence the way you hold yourself unlike others of this world. 

Your laugh is filled with the compassionate hearts of those you save and care for, yet you give off a determination I've only seen burn in the greatest of flames set a light only to never burn out. Yet you chose me.. why?

Curiouser and curiouser,I grow like little Alice I'm lost in my own wonderland as she grows and shrinks my fear does so as well.

For you see, I'm no where near perfect yet you say I'm perfect in your eyes... those smoldering coals have darkened to a deep brown rather than the black it once was... I find myself lost in those eyes.

Yet infuriated by them as well,they see right through me, leaves me open,vulnerable to your piercing gaze,you're like me in so many ways. 

The way you gracefully place the words upon your paper as though the pen flows easily like your kayak flowing across the ocean blue.

We can relate to each other in the sense you, find comfort in the nature we live in, the trees become your base,a support system for when you fall.

The leaves of your safety circle protecting you from outside harm,wrapped in the peaceful sanctity of a place not polluted by the destructive tendencies of beings who only know the meaning of death.

Lacking empathy given by the spirits of the earthen realm. We've both felt like less of a being... and have rotten our bodies to be as beautiful as our skeletons and as gorgeous as a porcelain doll. 

Yet we found our scars kept us locked in the cycle we called life and soon we landed in the pits of our mind and fought to break free from the chains we created ourself.

I'd say we won,we found eachother in the beauty of the world gave each other light in midst of darkness and from a seed we grew our plant of hope.
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