You held me when the weight of the world was too much

And combed the hair out of my swollen eyes filled with tears

You left chocolates in my locker

And helped me laugh away my fears


You yelled at me that I was toxic and tough

And never let me forget the times I messed up

You made some nights so damn rough

And all I wanted to do was run away and never look back


You slow danced with me to no music in the park

And we smiled imagining a future, just the two of us

You whispered “I love you” into the growing dark

And twirled me around through the grass


Your eyes poured tears, your tongue heavy with beer

And all I wanted was for you to leave my house

You cried about dying, it was too much to hear

And I wish you had left much sooner


Your mom and I have the same birthday

And I love her so much, shes the best

You never wanted me to go away

And I wanted to stay forever


You went through my phone when I left the room

And when I came back I could tell something was wrong

Your face had changed from satisfaction to gloom

And I wished I had taken it with me


You kissed me hard as I got in the car

And sped off away to college

You said you would call, it wasn’t that far

And yet I never heard from you, ever


Now it’s all over, I’m never coming back

You’re blocked on all social media,

I couldn’t take the attacks


You’re in bed with another

It only took two weeks

But I’ve learned from my mother

That the strong don’t act weak


So you can keep your “i love you’s”

They clearly don’t matter

I’m gonna move one

And put mind over matter


So goodbye and goodluck, I hate you it's true

Although, sadly, some part of me will always









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