Biggest New Fear

Thu, 07/30/2020 - 17:13 -- Reeves

A love like yours 

Reciprocated so perfectly 

A masterpiece, you are my

Sistine Chapel Ceiling 

Always having me looking up 


Rising from the pits 

To be embraced, my heaven 

We are no saints 

Yet our love is pure 


When I had nothing 

I was fearless 

Now I have everything 

I am fearful 


You are my most valuable currency 

I do not wish to spend you 

I wish to keep you to myself 

I have found my sanctuary


I must let you go 

To keep you would taint our purity 

You are my biggest blessing 

You are my biggest fear

This poem is about: 



Fear?  will not be bad conscience?  If that love is so pure, everything can.

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