The bigger picture

As I sit in the chair waiting for my match 

A butterfly flies around my stomach

Fear comes

I keep thinking what if I lose, what if I don't play well, what if I trained poorly?

It is as if the whole world is coming down on me

I do not want to lose my Squash match but giving up seems easier than facing my fear

The pressure of everyone around me is starting to get me


I take a deep breath

And think

This is what I waited for my whole life

Of course I am anxious


The idea of winning is greater than the idea of fear

I can't just spend years training only to be let go by fear

The idea of winning means to much to me

Immediately, I force myself to visualize all the positive outcomes that can come from this match

And I immediately go for it

No more fear no more butterflies in my stomach

I am determined to win

I am focused to win

And I will never let fear hold me back of the joys of happiness 

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