The Bigger Picture

Tue, 06/28/2016 - 02:25 -- MARs

It's so tiny, the cropped too shirt.

She's so tiny, people fawn over her.She's so tiny, with a itybity waist,I'm so embarrassed, I turn and hid my face. Body image is very important, at least that's what they say."You're beautiful how you are." Now I don't know what to say.You can be nice but then hateful the next day.You didn't invite me to yours, so I'll have my own party on Friday. We have plus size in the house, Size x,No zero. Forget Taylor Swift,Rebel Wilson's my hero. Be true to yourself,Only you can change yourself,And nobody else. Size plus, Size X, Size XXL,Put the photoshop down,This is who we are, Whether plus size,Or X, Or oven just large,Put the self hate down.This. Is. Who. We. Are.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you be amaze , but there are plus size women who are models

they exemplify confidence and beauty

no matter what you look like , God/Jesus loves you because you are His creation

be happy of who you are

if you don't like your body image, make the change for the right reasons

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