Big Sister

I am a big sister of one younger brother,

A boy who is ornery compared to no other.

Little siblings we were, doing things we should not,

Climbing high structures hoping we wouldn’t get caught.

Big sister I was, nowhere near of a role model,

Little did I know, I am my brother’s biggest idol.

Up and up we went on a large grain truck,

With concrete below and not enough luck.

The grain was fun but getting boring too,

 Maybe an exciting jump for more fun would do.

Up on the towering ledge I did climb,

And jumped into the grain, a joy so divine.

Look out for little brother, he wants to do the same,

Four year old boy never does listen to the calling of his name.

Up he went on the ledge up high,

As I was watching, soon to cry.

Gone he was, after a big jump,

He did not land in the grain dump.

Guardian angles must protect little children,

Because after that fall he should not have risen.

The family gathered in the hospital cell,

A miracle has happened, all was well.

Little brother came home with big bumps and bruises,

He is a hero and he never loses.

I began to think about my leadership decisions,

I should probably hold back on my dangerous resolutions.

Life lessons I did learn during that very event,

Now with my brother I am always content.

Big sister I was, ready to become a better model,

Big sister I am, ready to hit life at full throttle.

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