Big Kids Now

Yesterday we were babies

Then our skin was clean and our eyes


minds not yet knowing

our voices not yet strong.


We saw only the movies

pretty girls and pretty guys

taunt chins and knowing smiles

smiles we didn’t know

we wanted though


In our heads we were giants

but really we were small

we expected a lot

but barely got anything at all


Pacified with excuses

Distracted with shiny things.

We thought the vulgarity was normal

Uncomfortable justs the style


We gained more than most

Most don’t have much

No one took anything from us

We gave it up



penny wishes melted to copper

The copper turned green.

The green was something we needed

But it was taken for empty dreams.


We ran into the ocean

Salt spraying our faces

expected a hurricane

got only a splash


We come away with fading memories

we go with a faint stomach ache of



With all the advertisement

You’d think it taste better

but youth is just salty

With a little bit of sugar.


We spent years

compromising ourselves our dreams our hopes our morals our integrity our desires for what?

drops of memory

that will melt into the sun.


As we face the night

Not alone but afraid

Uncertainty looms

But this time

With less hype.


This poem is about: 
My community


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