Big Hearts Come in Small Packages

Mon, 01/12/2015 - 16:22 -- sim1gt


Behind the glass screen

I'm more than I may seem.

I am not your average Joe,

I care more than you know.

I may be small

but if you fall

I will be there to catch you.

To sympathize

makes me realize

how big my heart truly is.


Behind the glass screen

the picture flows into a stream

This stream is endless

and it may leave you friendless.

If all you care about is how good you look in a photo

it will make you look like a dodo.

This is why I am so much more than a filtered picture on a screen

why, I have a heart, soul, and a spleen!


All jokes aside,

I do take pride

that I am a human being behind that screen.

I have a unique sense of humor in stock

Not to mention, I love to talk.

I am much more than a filtered selfie

I am me and that is all I can be!





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