Big Heart, Bigger Butt

Sat, 05/16/2020 - 09:37 -- albaraj

i am not my body
i am not the hair that reaches up to the heavens
i am not the eyes that shed tears onto my pillow
i am not the lips that you want around your shaft
i am not the boobs that sag from my chest
i am not the stretch marks that cover more area than the ocean
i am not a pussy so don't play with me
i am not a fat ass but i will eat that burger though
i am so much more than my body
i am the beating heart with angry fists
i am the lungs that cough up butterflies
i am the sixth sense you wish you had
i am a poet whose fingers are natural pens of fire
i am so much more than what meets your evil eye
but you don't want my big heart
you want my bigger butt

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