Big Fat Bully


United States
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We laugh when faced with comical things
we laugh at other human beings
laugh when they stumble, trip or fall
if it's funny we'll laugh at it all
laugh at him, her, people we don't even know
who knows what lengths for laughter we'll go
but what happens when laughter begins to fade
will you search to find it in other ways
Instead of waiting for them to stumble
will you push them, make them tumble
make fun of the way they look
not caring of the happiness in which you took
make them feel inferior, stupid and dumb
worse than a poor and hopeless bum
You've changed them, now you're not the same
you sit pondering, "Who's to blame?"
The answer's something that just won't come
What in the world have you become
I'll say it for you plain & dully
You're nothing but a Big Fat Monstrously Disgusting Bully

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