Big Dreams to Run With

"They sat and observed.

In fact, they all do, 

silly and fanciful,

wanting and waiting, 

but never accomplishing." 

That's what the woman said. 

She said it with certainty. 

She said it without hesitation. 


I say no to the commonly said standard, 

this standard set on my generation. 

I will no longer look at the movement, 

but be a part of the movement, 

the very motion of hands and legs of an organization.

Better yet,

let me be the brain, 

the centrality of all ideas, 

brain storming, 

delegating action, 

dreaming up more dreams. 

The steps, 

oh the steps! 

Well, naturally a degree,

education is the most natural progression, 

sharpening the brain and refining skills, 

a beautiful process. 

But how?! 

Money, yes, that's right, 

lots and lots of money, 

due to my independent student dilema, 

do I really have the means?

No, but options, I have options.


Work longer hours. 

Fafsa complete. 

If it comes through, 


college is chuggin' on. 

Motivation is easy

since it's already there.

There it is, 

with in my reach, 

ready to be caught, 

a baton ready to be ran with. 







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