The "Big Bad Wolf" Tells the Truth

You know the story of Little Red Riding Hood?

The one about the girl who goes walking in the woods

Well let me tell you something you never knew

Let me tell you the version of the story that is true

I'll explain to you why we don't know Red Riding Hood's real name

And why I, the wolf, am thought of as dangerous and untamed

I'm here to put an end to the "big bad wolf" title

I'm here to speak the truth because clarification is vital

First things first let's get my name right

My name is William and I'm not here to fight

I was born in the woods in which Red Riding likes to walk

My family lived in a cave near a big rock

Similar to humans, my parents raised me to have manners and be kind

Except I was trained how to hunt deer's behind

Or at least I thought this was a difference animals and humans did not share

Until I saw humans hunting animals without care

They shot those birds and deer and bunnies

Their shooting was something I did not find quite funny

At one point the shooting reached an extreme

Some man came to the woods with an entire hunting team

This hunting leader was no stranger

I've often seen him with his daughter

This little girl as you may or may not know

Is little Red Riding, the one who took me as her foe

But at the time her name was Rose Hunter

And she often came through the woods to visit her grandmother

Now back to the scene on that unfortunate day

The one that ended in a terrible way

The hunters shot from dawn to dusk without a break

My family and I waited patiently hoping they would stop it for at least God's sake

I, a little pup, at the time was afraid for my life

Afraid to be killed with a bullet and slaughtered with a knife

My dad tried to comfort me but it was of no use

So he went out to see those humans and make a truce

But before he could say a word or give a peaceful gesture

My father was shot and killed so they could use his fur

Right then and there, a bit too late

Came the police to save other animals' fate

Apparently what they were doing was not allowed

They were arrested and told not to make a sound

After the crime scene was cleared

And the chaos disappeared

With tears in my eyes, to my father's lifeless body I rushed

Can u begin to see why my story is unjust

It was then and there I vowed to avenge my father

I was to get revenge from the one who widowed my mother

Thoughts of violence and threat filled my head

I stayed awake all night thinking in my bed

Was violence the solution that would put this animal hunting to an end

Would hurting someone else really help my emotional wound mend?

No, that would just continue the cycle of violence

I continued to think on in silence

The idea then came to me and I knew it would work

I wasn't going to be a messed up jerk

I knew the hunter didn't live too far from the woods

I was going to visit his family and even bring them some goods

I planned to speak to them about the harm their father has caused me

I hoped that the truth is what I would allow them to see

So off I set with a basket of blueberries

Until I caught sight of Red Riding with the basket she loves to carry

I began to feel nervous, not sure what to do

Perhaps I should forget this peacemaking and try to sue?

No, I decided I would do what is best for all

So Rose Hunter's name I did call

She turned to me with a vicious face

Said, "don't call me that" and ran away with grace

So that's how Rose Hunter's name was forgotten

She didn't want to have any associations with her father, Robin

The idea of being a prisoner's daughter she dreaded

I knew where Red Riding was headed

So a short cut I took

To her grandmother's nook

I knocked the door and granny invited me in

And I told her how I was troubled with her kin

She told me she was sorry for my loss

And that her son's actions had made her cross

I gave her the blueberries I had brought along

And she gave me tea I could have drunk all day long

But due to my lack of sleep, I began to feel drowsy

And I didn't want Red Riding Hood to find me grouchy

So I politely requested to take a nap

And granny tucked me in her bed and even gave me her cap

I fell off into sleep feeling good about my plan

But when I woke up I heard the sound of sirens and of a police man

The noise brought me back to that terrible night

My first instinct was to be ready to fight

Were there hunters out to kill other animals

Or had they found a human cannibal?

I jumped out of bed and "lucky" for me

Red riding was walking straight towards me

So I must admit, to someone who was a bystander

I may have looked like a violent trespasser

But my intentions were clean and you can even ask granny

But the media reporters could only care about their money

And that's how they came up with the story that ruined my reputation

And the story that forced my unfortunate migration

I had to move far away from any humans

In case they believed these insane rumors

Us "big bad wolves" had to move out of sight

For every time a human would see us they would set into flight

They would call the cops and a search party would pursue us

Oh gosh these humans were so superfluous

Our lives were changed forever

But the moon allows us to remember

The unfortunate day that brought us our demise

For whenever there is a full moon you can hear our cries


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