Big Bad Wolf


Once upon a time...

            Not long ago...

                         In a land where problems don’t exist and everything is a musical number

They called me...


Lil Red


He followed me through the woods of the hood

Merely because he craved for goodies

Just wanted to dip his tongue in the milk and cookies

And he watched me walk to grandma’s house


Now who’s really afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?


He walks down the street and it makes mothers grab the hands of their adult daughters

Not supposed to be near school because the risk of someone’s innocence he could slaughter

Completely perverted, he stares at the behinds young ones

Just a little something to give him some unsatisfactory satisfaction


Every two minutes one Lil Red is assaulted


When he talked to me I panicked

My heart stopped

Shook in my boots

Became hysterical and tried to run

But he grabbed my arm and said

“Hey…can I talk to you for a minute? Where you goin?”


Words and letters had difficulty going from my head to my mouth

And I began to shout out


“I’m going to my sick grandma’s house!”


He already knew my route.


44% of the Big Bad Wolf’s victims are under the age of 18


15% are under the age of 12


The Big Bad Wolf walked behind me waiting to pounce

Lured me into bush behind some house and I went

He opened his arms and held me down

How could I be so naïve?


It hurt

I bled red

Bruises purple from struggle

His eyes green

I could feel my heart beat right through the tips of my toes and fingers

I felt like I was about to explode

And I screamed but no one could hear me


93% know exactly who the Big Bad Wolf is


Where’s my knight and shining armor?

Where’s freaking fairy godmother?

My genie in a bottle?!

Where are they?


Well the only place I’m sure they’re not

Is here


My legs were still wide open from the penetration

But his train had already left my destination

He was gone


And it hurt to walk when I got up…


I bled red

My bruises purple

The sky blue

My purity black

His conscience clean

All eyes

On me

All the way to Grandma’s house

Now you tell me…


Who’s really afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

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