She has my back

Every step of the way.

Defends me,

Like thunder colliding with lightning.


Guiding me

Through my hardest moments.

Comforts me

When she needs it most.


When she wakes up,

The sun does too.

When she dreams,

The heavens dream with her.


Glowing with love and mysterious elements

That have built her into a strong woman.

God loves her above all angels.

She fills up half of his heart and mine.


Everything on earth praises her.

Angels envy her.

Because of the wings she flies with.

Balanced on her feet.


She's my backbone

And my savior.

Racing through life

Love braided through memories.


Representing the handlebars

In my life

Without her

I'd be spinning out of control.


I'm lying on my deathbed

Gasping for air

And with my last breath I whisper

I love you.


Together in tandem

Thank you for all you do.

This poem is about: 
My family


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