Bi-Partisan Awareness

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 16:37 -- kcrupi

One day I was sitting in history class
thinking of things that have yet to be asked-
like where are the weapons of mass destruction
and why’s the constitution under construction?
If there are so many people dying from guns
and women, daily, keep losing their sons
than have we gone back to where we started?
Our sense of reason has quickly departed;
leaving our minds slowly rotting,
escaping with plans our hearts have been plotting.
Death and Turmoil are names you can trust,
because we are the land of unite with U.S.
You won’t die or get bombed, unless
You happen to be named Ahmed-
‘Cause then there is no equality
Whoever said this was the “land of the free”?
We go back on our word and taxes are high,
so that only the rich can get by;
unless you work hard and you struggle
rights and convictions you must smuggle
under blankets of dreams and aspirations-
having your own ideas leads to damnation.
So go talk to the evangelists on TV
they know who you want to be,
and jump into our gas guzzling car
as we continue to lower the bar.


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