Beyond What The Eye Can See

As I look into your eye 

I see a refection of me 

and I see a dark pupil 

and I see a dark brown rim 

this is all obvious 

but beyond that I see the beauty in what I call mine 

I see the warmth of your heart beating as I lay my hand over yours and lean closer into your body

I see the dreams of the future you're imagining with me as I gaze deeper into your eyes

but most importantly 

I see the unconditional love you have for me as your eyes shine brighter as I look longer

There is nothing more beautiful 

than staring into the same eyes everyday 

and feeling the same feelings 

that you did the first time

and as I move closer and closer 

I can't help but look down and look up again 

shining my teeth and whispering I love you more than you'll ever know

and just collasping into your embrace because thats the only place I wanna be 


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