Beyond a Screen

“Hey, why do you do this?” You asked me.

Why was it that I, a mere stranger.

Spent my days saying hello, good morning, and good night.

Never sure if you would ever reply,

Never sure what expression was masked through your screen.

Spent my days constantly worrying if you were okay,

Knowing that it doesn’t matter what I say or do,

Knowing that I’m just another person beyond a screen.

But still,

Still you are important to me,

You are what makes me smile,

You are what makes me cry,

You are what makes me come back.

To me, it doesn’t matter what you do,

Even if it means rejecting me,

Even if it means throwing me away.

As long as you’re happy.

Why is it that I, a mere stranger, do this so?

“It’s because I love you”


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