Beyond The Numbers

494,169 self-inflictions

44,193 fatalities


4 men who cry at night because racial slurs have bruised their souls,

9 teenagers near the end of the rope because depression wrecked their goals,

4 young children witnessing the cruel beatings of life’s emotional tolls,

1 single mother whose husband left her with a heart full of jagged holes,

6 siblings who quietly reach for the knife to feel numb beyond their controls,

9 attempts to start a clean slate, nearly adding to the number in the suicide polls.


4 jilted lovers that hopped from the ten-story tower,

4 gun shots ringing in the night, each one a different hour,

1 Marilyn Monroe, wilting one more nation’s beloved flower,

9 make-shift ropes whose necks they will overpower,

3 gentle tears before drowning in the cold shower.


Beware what you say,

For guilt will outweigh,

If you mock your prey,

And they parish one day.

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My country
Our world
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