Beyond the Grave

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I am no Englishman
But I conduct constitutional statements beyond imagination and time
I am no senator
But within my own moral enforce laws only accessible to wildest dreams
I passed out millions
Millions of hopes, anticipations, values, and optimism
I am not your neighbor
But I come with welcoming grace
Acceptance to your existence
Validation of your knowledge
I am not your parent
But I will feed and clothe with my broth of life, empathy of unconditional strength
I am not god
Believe me when I assure of life changing premonitions
When angels descend from heaven to lift thee to another day
Next week
Next month, and decades
Do not underestimate my provision of sorrows or the melancholy drops of maroon embroidering passions
I am here for thee
You are here for me
I do not fathom your god personally, but I can personalize your thoughts to my own fashion
Wear your struggle proudly like a dim cloak of traumatizing ambition
Frighten your challengers and recipients
Expose thy power,
You are not an animal
You are human
Refugee of common intricate wasteland
Supervene and be forever

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I believe we are all one, and that no matter your origin and occupation hope still lurks whithin your life. Yes, their are those who are accustomed with the accusation that based on religion,race, color, occupation,sex,etc. that one has a set future.Not true! We all are in control of our own destinys whether those type of jerks perfer it or not!
Thank you so much for reading my poem.


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Very well stated!


This is really powerful! I had to read it aloud, as the poem begs to be spoken. Really nice work. Please share more!


I haven't written a poem in so long. I am so happy you like my work. It was my submission to the poetry slam scholarship contest!


Great Poem !

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