Between myself and I


United States
41° 28' 44.1696" N, 81° 44' 25.4868" W

I am the master,

the controller,

I am the seargent,

and I am the soldier.


i fight the battles,

I lose the wars.

i reap the winnings,

and I forfeit the scores.


So this is my fight; 

i fight for myself.


by myself, 

between myself.

you see:

i am the gavel, 

i am the chains,

I am victim, 

and I am the blamed.


but I am still the loser, 

All in all.

from beginning to end

just myself in this one sided brawl.


give up the prisoner,I say.

go to hell, she says.

a slap.

a punch,

a pull,

a kick.


and it's just me all alone 

with myself,

a mess.



A lot of man vs. self conflict is portrayed in this poem. It really does show a human condition that most of us endure with the battle of ourselves. I like the poem and the message. Keep writing on my friend:)!!!

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