Between the Lines

My smile is not easily turned upside down into a frown

And when I frown don't show me to a crown

Struggles seems not to have beginnings

Beyond high school, no more fitting in

Scared of this cruel world

So I pray to my Lord

Lord, help me to survive

And take me to places my family never arrive

I am not the first, now am I better than the rest

Being successful is my theme, it's what I do best

Here I stand, an average girl

Not top ten graduate, nor top twenty

 Wanting financial stability before I'm thirdy

Money is not every  thing 

Living through brutal civil war

Money is power

The ability to restore homes and dreams

To give back to people what I never had as a kid

Access to clean water

Access to free healthcare

Access to food 

Access to education

I smile to ensure joy

I smile because my truobles didn't keep me down






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