St. Gabriel
Hwy 31
United States

The air turns cold

His goals remain bold

He wants to be told

He is great, in anything he does

He looks back at how he was

He acknowledges his progress

But he looks to his future

To find the next milestone to surpass

His passion is extraordinary, his tank full of gas

He competes realistically, but he plays to win

He stresses until his head spins

But complacency isn’t the road for him

He may fail again and again

But each failure is an experience, so he fails

Time and time again

He puts himself to the test

With odds stacked against him

The struggle is what shapes him

Victory is why he is enthralled

And when he succeeds he is appalled

Therefore he raises the bar

Because he wants to go far

And winning not always equates to success

He wants to be better, but he doesn’t aim for the best

Wanting to be a man of many hats

Good at many, and great in most

I want to be this and that he says

Being humble is his next boast

Good at this, good at that, he is no lout

But recognition is a commodity

Unnecessary no doubt

He is treated like that of a God

Nobody comes to him unless they need help

But he does not mind, charity is what he’s about

He knows how to enjoy his growth in silence

But he loves to bask in his success

His ego is very malleable, he knows he can’t be the best

But his goals are to be better than most, better than the rest

Competitive and compassionate describes him

All or nothing is his motto

Passion and goals he closely will follow

Mentored by passion, guided through failure

He uses this experience to make his life better

He holds himself to high standards, scolding every fault

His dedication and patience and passion he exalts

He is a slow developing movement, defining himself letter by letter

He competes everyday with those that equal him or are better

Limited only by those who are the best

In the end he can look back and finally rest

Assured that he’s done well and passed his own test

That he came as close as he could to being better than the best


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