Betraying Haiti

Everybody desires something from our beloved Haiti.

Everybody is stealing from our embattled country.
The same individuals or goons, who are complaining,
Are the ones conniving, snitching and backstabbing,
The proverbial verbiage is that Haiti is poor/ destitute.
Our haters are the same ones who prostitute
Our young men and women, and our children.
Worse of all, there are too many political parties,
Which want to send Presidents, PM's, and cronies,
To ransack more or pillage more the Haitian coffers.

Lack of leadership, mismanagement, and fear of assassinations
Have poisoned and gangrened Haiti with massive corruptions.
Haiti has invaluable resources that countless others
Are exploiting. Haiti is not for Haitians, but for foreigners.
People are constantly protesting and demonstrating,
They are following bad leaders who have zilch, nothing
To offer the illiterate mass, except troubles, chaos, division,
And ignorance. This cocktail is deleterious to any nation.
Haiti is Hell for poor Haitians, but paradise or heaven,
For the scavengers and the rich opportunists. She's a haven

For the deadly sharks and for the pernicious predators.
Too many amateurs are fighting to rule Quisqueya,
Once called the Pearl of the Antilles. In this era,
The worst names are reserved for our bedridden Haiti,
Who is sick and tired of being vilified, raped and exploited.
Our oasis become a joke for many neighboring nations,
Who ridicule, fool, trick and sabotage our battered Haiti,
Who neither can stand nor take it anymore. Our country
Is dying of being zombified/hypnotized by the pollutions,
And the daily intoxications of all types of corruptions.
Our weak country wants to move on. Too many zombies
Are running the berated country. Too many crazy bimboes
Are running in the dirty streets. Stop outsmarting, cunning,
And bluffing Haiti, her innocent inhabitants and offsprings.
Stop discriminating, marginalizing, and bad -mouthing Haiti.
God Almighty, please protect Haiti from the faked heroes.
Grant Haiti a chance to survive, to experience many blooms
In springtime. Some countries are finding countless moons,
Meanwhile Haiti is being fooled, and strangled by typhoons.
Beloved Lord, have mercy. Give Haiti space! Give Haiti rooms
To succeed, a seed of hope and a wince of prosperity.
Everybody wants something big from our exploited Haiti
Everybody is stealing in daylight from our resilient country.

Copyright © 2016 Logerie Hébert, All Rights Reserved
Hebert Logerie is the author of several collections of poems.


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