Betrayed Innocence


1,2,3...... Gasp.

All it took was three seconds, three seconds and my life changed forever.
Thoughtfulness neglected,

My heart would  now be more pretected,

This day that everybody said would change my life actually did, in a bad way though.

Decision making all played a part, and at that moment my decision wasnt smart.

Regreat, disgust, confussion, and pain.

I kept asking why, it wasnt longer than three seconds this shouldnt have happened.

Sharing my innocence with someone who I didn't really love, just someone I kissed then he put on a glove.

I cried a lot because now I am not......

I lied to myself to make me feel better but now I just suck it up so I dont become bitter.

Living by a quote that says "Nonthing last forever so drink it up, live it down, laugh it off, avoid the drama, take chances, and never have REGRETS because everything you did was exactly what you wanted to do!"

But was it really what I wanted to do? No. I should have just thought before I let it go.






this from the heart


i like this poem it is so realistic and i saw the story which is really good! Great JOB

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