Best/Worst Friend

Sat, 10/07/2017 - 16:05 -- DP

I wanted to do everything with her, for her,

My best/worst friend, Jess.

I thought she would do them for me too.


“Let’s go to the movies (so my mom won’t know I’m going out with Danny).”

“What can I do to help you (I’m going to take the credit)?”

 “Of course you’d be a great captain (she doesn’t have what it takes).”


We stuck up for each other,

Shared our lives but

I was the only one.


Then I realized, I wasn’t.


All around us, everyone she touched

Was missing,

Hiding in the shadows of the great queen Jess.


So I stood up, called her out.

They gave me the push I needed, we needed,

Because I love them all.


Blossoming out of the terror

We emerged stronger than ever,

United and free.



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