it was a great day today

i met someone new 

and someome cool.


he probably sees me as a fool,

but he knows its funny when i walk into the school.

after laughing there may be  a little drool.


i dont see you as cruel and 

ive always wanted a friend like you

someone to be there til the end.


i hope you will always be in my life

and then someday i can meet your wife.

i know she wont hold any kind of strife.


see shed be beautiful as the chicks you draw

she would not hold a flaw

and you would no longer have to crawl.


she would give you butterflies

and there wings would take you up so high

she will say you are the one and you will be so fly.


just knowing you is like a fairytale

im not being weird i just dont think like a male

so dont be all frail.


we are still young 

and somewhat dumb

so its still okay to be a bum.

(psssst thanks moms for letting us bum for all these years)


i just wanted to say

if the Fray hasn't already explained

 you are my friend,

my best friend.


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