The Best Of Friends

The best of friends can change a frown into a smile when you feel down. The best of friends will understand your little trials and lend a hand. The best of friends will always share your secret dreams because they care. The best of friends are worth more than gold, and they’ll give all the love a heart can hold. Having a best friend is important to everyone but especially me. When I first started high school I didn’t expect it to be the way I experienced it. I didn’t expect to meet the friends that I have. But there is this one person that I didn’t expect to find and that is my best friend. YOU. We laugh, share good times with each other. And whenever you see me down you know just how to make me smile. In the beginning you thought I was mean because I didn’t really associate with you and you thought I had a sassy attitude. I thought you were a wanna be, and ignorant because I thought you was trying to be cool, but it turned out I was wrong.. But it was different as time past. I remember the good times we had like it was yesterday. How we would chill outside and just talk and share laughs, how you would tell me about yo girl and ask for my opinion or advice. I was just shocked but then I knew it was the beginning of a friendship. I remember you would ask me questions only I knew the answers to. And just how random you was and I would like why are you telling me this, or I would just be like REALLY are you serious. I remember all of your little jokes, and the times you made me laugh, your little slangs that I thought was ignorant. I remember helping you with your class work and your homework. I miss having someone to talk to, your hugs, and your stupid jokes you would crack. And when you don’t show up for class or school I would be on your back. How we used to always sit together everywhere, lunch sometimes, and in the back of the class plus walking in the halls. Its times when we just sit in the very back of the class and just hang out and laugh and no one understood what it was. I loved seeing the look on your friend face when he would see us together or when we hug because it makes me laugh. He just doesn’t like seeing us as homies. Its times when we’re so crazy that people think we’re high. Only difference is sometimes you really was in your mind. Its times we laugh so hard we can’t help but express how we feel to others and share it. It all the inside jokes we would share and remembers whens. Nobody understood our relationship and thought we had a thing but all we just say is “naw man that’s my homie”. It was nothing but best friend love. After all we’ve been through together you was still cool with me even when I put you through trouble. If I was able to just see you again I would tell all of this and tell you how much I missed you.


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