Best friend

Mon, 05/04/2020 - 06:34 -- Darshhh

She’s someone with a wide smile on her face,

She’s Always the winner of best people’s race,

Someone whose so beautiful and caring,

She’s indeed just a blessing.


She entered my life like I expected her to,

But she became a part of my life like I never expected,

Because we say good things take time,

Like a child from crawling to walking 

She’s indeed just a blessing .



From being my selfie partner to being my partner in crime,

You are as sweet as sweet lime,

I like u the way I like baking,

She’s  indeed just a blessing.


Everday I wake up to see your text,

Waiting and waiting what will u text next,

From quotes to long passages,

You are indeed just a blessing.


Bad times bad days,

She’s a girl who knows how to rise in so mny ways,

But deep inside she’s sensitive and loving,

Cuz she’s indeed just a blessing.



Be the way u are, be the real you,

Think with maturity for a better you,

I will always be there to guide you,

Cuz me begins from you.

            -Darsh Parekh 



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