Best Friend

Wed, 10/16/2013 - 01:03 -- Sakura

I once had a best friend

She was made out of stone.

Until one day she took her life away

She always brighten everyone's day .

One day she pretended......

She seemed so happy

Like nothing was bothering her

Nobody could break her beautiful smile even if they tried.

Some people known her as a best friend and other's known her as friendly.

Didn't get a chance to become friends with her.

That night she knew what she was planning,

Knew what kind of disappointments going to happen.

Nothing stopped her from what she planned that day

I wished she would have made the decision to stay

So I could as well protect her.

My only best friend defended me

By her own friends just for me.

When she done that, I couldn't thank her for all she did.

Everyday for the longest time sticked by my side

So nobody can bully me again.

So I wouldn't be in any more harm,

From what was going on at home

And at school by her friends.



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