The BEST Damn Thing

First Generation to make it college

Feeling lost and unprepared yet

I feel very proud to say I didn't let my

parents down Its sad to know the life I once have known

will unravel and leave nothing for me back home

I may be far from the land and family I love so truly

but its time for me to leave everything to make a life

scared but to make a difference and can't wait to graduate

to see my parents proud of a daughter who  actually adopted just found this out

but who cares there  love and  support  is all I really need

I know the the hell I put my parents through

so to walk on that stage get that degree

will be the best damn thing

I'm ready for what to come I'll be brave

My cup is full of joy and happiness and I'm also blessed

to make it to college and make my parents and My dreams to come true

for those who can't see how much I'm glowing 

I don't care as long as I know were I'm going

Nobody can take this shine

I will run around town and shout

how happy I am to be broke but in college and to be the first generation to go to college

Look I'm still glowing :)


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