The Best Change To Make

When you see your society

what is it that you see?

Do you see smiles?

Do you see love?

The world inverted

So judgmental

So evil

So cruel and hasty

Why are we like this?

The best change to make

Is to learn how to love.


What do you think they mean

When they say "freedom of expression"?

Really, without question

You can be whoever you want

You can be whatever you want

Who needs criticism?

Wear your clothes

Share your smile

Walk your usual stride

The best change to make

Is to forget how to judge.


When things don't go your way

You can't get mad

You can't get sad

All you have to do

Is simply accept it.

Someone infuriates you?

Forget about it

And walk away

Then find your peace

The best change to make

Is to start forgiving.


Don't pretend to be someone

Someone from your imagination

Someone that fakes their personality

Just to fit in with the crowd

Love who you want

Wear what you want

Quit trying to impress

And stress

Only to be depressed

Because the best change to make

Is to simply be yourself.


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