The Benjamins

I cant command, I don't demand it, I desperately recommend it, but don't feel offended. Most times you give it, other times I crave it, but when asked upon, I strictly behave for it. It's on our mind like all the time and when there's a lot, it makes us all blind. Theres bundles, and buckets, and banks galore. In pockets, and and purses, but mostly in stores.You see it here, it's over there. In your shoes, including your hair. All in the air, but who cares? only the ones whos banks go bare. It may be made of trees, but when addressed to thee we fall quick to our knees for its nothing but green disguised as envy. Not to mention it is also a fee which is paid with greed although it's essential to our everyday needs. It makes us smile but at what expense? only to realize our smiles have become routine charades that are glued to our faces, and that goes for all sexes, age, weight, and races. Is it just me who feels we're in denile? money's a necessity, not a lifestyle.


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