In Bend Knees


Oh, charming lilac, our friendship bloom –

Blooming like first dawn I assume

Assumptions wither as midday came

Came mildew – fester in sheer mayhem.


Soothing azure sky, our friendship then

Then we’re inseparable as twins

Twins – the sane calm and outspoken mean

Mean – unfitting label to begin.


Precious sapphire, our friendship before

Before I mindlessly smash its core

Core of the bond beyond blinding price

Price of grey – tiara of somber lies.


Lush plains, our friendship grew vast

Vastness separated us at last

Last five summers of joyful past

Past of two souls corroded to rust.


Drooping daffodils, that faithful spring

Spring of folly – the colors wilting

Wilting beauty Demeter build up

Up, I trampled and beat it crap.


Tranquil sunset, yet it makes me sick

Sickin’ guilty reminder of prick

Pricking feelin’, draw its sensation

Stick figures of unheard confession.


Crimson blood, I paint the scenery –

Scenery of untold treachery

Treachery shrouded all ‘tis past years

Years I wept and shed buckets of tears.

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