You are beautiful for the alignment of your skin like stars on the horizon, dissapearing and reappearing as the light changes
You are loved for the breath that graces the air with a touch of your spirit, warming the world and hearts around you
You are beloved for the place in souls you hold, how you fill each lonely crevice with warm light and bright song; for how deep each tear in a heart reaches, that much deeper you project yourself, until every void is voidless and every silence is shouted into
My friend, you are a jewel above jewels. You are a star above stars.
The earth cares so richly for your footsteps, and the moon is jealous of your gaze.
Speak, and they still. Shout, and they burst forth in melody. The birds are your chorus and the branches, your sanctuary, for all of the earth longs to partake in your existence
And I brag to them daily,
Of how sweet your fingertips are
Of how iridescent your eyes are
And how captivating your embrace is
And how I would trade not a single strand of your hair for a star
For fear of losing any part of you


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