Believe me


Would you believe me if I told you, you have my heart? Smothered into the depths of your soul, my spirit lays, that when you think of me I can feel your sweet embrace... Lord knows you uproot the biggest smile on my face. My love, would you believe me if I said your touch is captivating, it tantalized my mind, kept me coming back when I walked away a thousand times... You, my chill giving Prince, yes You, believe me when I say that this is meant to be, nothing can stop Your love that was predestined for me. But I feel there's something in the way that needs to be confronted, and if I'm not too careful then our souls will be haunted, so don't shun it. Until then, just believe this love I have for you is so essential, we have everlasting potential; physical, spiritual, and mental... connection. We just need to learn and pass this ongoing lesson, 'cause this is a blessin'... Believe me, do you think I'd expose this love if I felt that it was tainted, I just want to be complacent, Just face it! You have me... my pure heart, sober mind, and spirit-filled soul, I just want to be your wife, to have and to hold. Believe it...


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