Believe me

Thu, 05/08/2014 - 15:09 -- eklapps

Belive me!

When I speak to you...

I say I love you

You never dare!

Say it back!

is there method to this?

Maddness I feel!

Darkness is all around

Me myself and I know.

Deep down there is saddness.

In your heart, please!

Miss me for once!

In your life...

You need to understand

I am alive! I am vulnerable!

To your hurtful ways.

I say,

"Let me be" please!

The shadows dance on the wall. In this darkness

I see nothing!

Just blood and tears cry out

At night. When I lie awake in bed

I want to escape and I will!

escape this torture!

It's too much

I will run.

Away from here!

Believe me.


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