What if I told you that I'm afraid?

Maybe of you, or what we have

Or how destructive we can get

How far would you go to save my last breath, and hold it until your last?

I love you and I trust you

But how do I even have any trust to give away?

Sometimes I wonder

If you feel the way I feel,

If you even know how I feel

If you feel the panic I feel

The fever I feel, the everlasting hunger for your presence and warmth?

Are your feelings even the same?

Have they lessened or grown?

You are a shadow, a mystery, a puzzle

Waiting to be solved, daring ME to solve you

I wonder if you ever need me?

I wonder if you've really let your walls down, like I have for you

If I'm inside your head, possessing your every thought?

If you really do dream about me in serene sleep....

But I guess that I'm just insecure, because your out of my league

I've never had somebody out of my league...

Paranoid; Constantly thinking I don't deserve you, that I'm not good enough for you, that you can do better, that I'm not worth your time...

I need to learn to Believe


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