Being Taught

Sun, 06/22/2014 - 23:08 -- JazzK

There aren't enough file folders,

there simply isn't enough space,

In the human brain to contain the one too many APs,

the 3 clubs and all the sports techniques you need


But then you'll sit down with your long list

of superficial accomplishments and

your straight A report card -

still unsatisfied


While life continued, the days chipped by,

all the golden summer evenings and foggy mornings you missed.

the hugs from your dad meant for you

but given to your sister that you missed


It'll be a vicious cycle, you longing for perfection only to fall one step behind

You'll be a human ticking bomb without enough time.

The Earth is 6.5 billion years old,

an eruption waiting to happen.

it’s a race against existence


The difference between you and the face

you see in the mirror is nine mila seconds  off,  

It’s a race against your own reflection,  


But is there going to be a day when you won't recognize your own face?

turns out you were running from yourself

trying to reach the expectations

everyone already pinpointed for you


You spent too much time running for the next thing,

that you left the now behind


I say amen even though I'm not religious

Amen to the song of life

b/c we often look for meaning as in a definition

a categorized radius

or some other god awful thing


when the meaning is to go with the melody

Slow down, and feel the synchronization of your heart beat

You robot through today, hoping for a better tomorrow


Step out - step away from all of the chaos  

for a moment of eternity

envision Poseidon ruling the seven seas

envision Whitman's leaves of grass

the rhythm of raindrops against your foggy windshield

feel the ground move beneath your feet

the swift, smooth, soft

movement of  inspirational ideas taking root

like tree trunks in your mind    


I'm not going to stand up here and preach what you don’t want to hear

I'm not going to preach the secret of life  you already know it without being taught


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