Being Perfect

The definition of perfect

is someone or something that is



and flawless.

Having all the required elements,

qualities, or characteristics.

Like how a shadow aligns with the pavement.

A quiet morning.

A good workout.

Or maybe even love.


Everyone has a different idea of perfection.

No one is perfect, but some people

try to be.

No matter how hard we try,

we’re still not happy.


Being perfect is stupid.


I’m not a perfect girl.

I might not have the perfect family,

or have a lot of money,

or have the most expensive clothing,

or live in a huge, fancy house.


Change is constant.

We keep changing every day.

Desire keeps evolving.


I make mistakes.

I have faults.

I do stupid things.

I like being wrong.

I don’t get mad very easily.

I don’t have a lot of friends.

I don’t go out a lot.

I’m not the perfect daughter.

I tend to be overly dramatic.

Perfect has no definition.


I just like

being unperfect.



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