Being Me is Awesome

I am completely an uncontrollably awesome.

Awesome because I am a female wrestler that can pick up a guy, an throw him.

It is awesome to be a woman and know that I can defeat a guy my age and weight in a strength battle.

If you don't think female wrestlers are awesome open your eyes because we are unstoppable!

I am awesome because saddling up a horse and taking off on it, is normal to me.

It's amazing to go off into the country and let everything go.

Listening to the wind blowing through the trees to remind me of my freedom is wondorous.

This freedom is so unexplainable.

Also I am awesome because I have fought through the difficulties of growing up on the second highest poverty stricken county in the United States.

I still smile every single day and those difficulties will never stop me from loving my home and community.

I am awesome because I know that one day I will bring awesomosity to the world.

You may think that I am nothing near awesome but through all the hurt and suffering thats happened in my life and around me, I still see this world as conquerable.

I am completely an uncontrollably awesome because no one has my uniqueness.


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