Being Me

Amber eyes and a crooked smile,

not a model aspect to be seen.

Happily content with the so called imperfection,

blessed to be imperfectly me.

Eyebrows for days and indecisive dark hair,

yet no Photoshop is ever used,

happily content with these "impairments",

ah yes,  a modern day muse.

Not outgoing or loud,

more quiet and shy,

but can love with all my heart,

an ugly crier and a terrible liar,

a great work of art. 

Not skinny or fat,

can't sing to save my life,

but that doesn't stop me you see.

Singing Mariah Carey at the top of my lungs,

and dancing with my friends to the beat. 

I read books and watch movies on Saturday nights,

and read the bible before I go to bed.

And for those people who went "Ermahgerd!! A nerdy church girl!"

Is that really suppose to insult me?

Got ten friends to my name,

and I am not ashamed,

cause Facebook phonys don't count. 

You can't walk over me,

though many think they can,

and I'm delighted by their stupor at this. 

Can't throw a good punch,

due to lack of practice,

See I  prefer to use my words.

I don't cut people down,

I set them straight, 

something many struggle to deal with.

Things aren't handed to me,

I work my ass off,

without a complaint or brood.

 I am 



And it's about damn time that you knew.




















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