Being Judgemental

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There was once this girl

who sat next to me

in biology class.

To say that she,

intimidated me

was an understatement.

She was a loud-mouth,

She was mean at times,

She spoke her mind

and she just didn´t care.


A month or two later,

she was still sitting next to me.

But I wasn´t intimidated


This time, I saw her


She was a food lover,

She protected her friends,

She was honest

and she was just being



So who am I to judge someone

who seems to be

a loud mean girl

when I had only known her

for five minutes?


Who am I to judge

when people look at me

and just assume

I´m a quiet girl

but once you get to know me,

You´ll find a talkative,

chilled out and eccentric creature

that you´ll start wondering

´how am I friends with her?´


So next time you see someone

look into the soul,

the personality

Not the appearance

or else you may miss out

the people who you seek in life

and get quickly judged

in return.



I like how each stanza is short kind've trickles down into the next set of events, maybe you could expand on what specific instance made you see her differently. Overall, great message!

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