Being Judged

I'm tired of being judged

JUDGED is the feeling of someone who  is criticicized by those other than themselves

I am judged by my family

I am judged by the world

The worst kind of judgement is that of those who you love and those in your family

I am judged because I didn't work hard as defined by someone else

I am judged because I may be more sheltered than someone else

I worked hard to graduate fron high school and with thehonor of a magnet stoll

I may have been sheltered but that just means I view the world differently

How dare you tell me I havent worked for anything in my life! 

You haven't been there my whole life so you have no right to label me as a  useless human being!

I have been bullied enough in my life and I refuse fo you to have that power!

You think you can say what you want and I'm supposes to just take it?!

I will NOTand if you think I'm going to let you, then you are mistaken

I will no longer be JUDGED!


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