Being one of us is complicated yet necessary.
Everyone has tendencies to be self-absorbed and only care about an issue if it concerns them.
In theory, we have the ability to destroy ourselves and our planet.
No longer can we argue and fight!
Gathering together has always had the capability to save us.
Helping the less fortunate, 
Uniting after an environmental crisis,
Most would say it’s just for the greater good.
Another would say it’s because we are human!
Naturally, due to a common struggle, we have the need to assist our own.
In some instances we question our future actions,
Scrutinizing whether or not we should take a risk for people we don’t know.
And then we realize,
Whether we want to embrace it or not,
Everyone here is exactly the same!
Sagacious optimists truly believe that friendship and respect can help the world continue to thrive.
Other individuals could disagree and say, “World Peace is Impossible!”
Maybe they are right, but...
Everything sincerely positive we know has resulted from peace, love, and an ultimate agreement; which is undoubtedly awesome!
This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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