being a girl is hard

Being a girl is hard That should be a sad thing for you to hear from me considering I'm only 14I can't do much without being judgedI can't be passionate without being “on my period” I walk around cradling my equality only to have it knocked out of my arms by a man who didn't see me because his head was healed way to highAnd, don't get me wrong, I completely understand that guys have it hard sometimesBeing bad at something that is considered “manly” makes you a girl“you throw like a girl”“you hit like a girl”“stop acting like such a girl”But why is “like a girl” a bad thing?If it weren't for girls and our 22,21,20,19,18,17,16,15, year old bodies giving you life, you would have a thing to complain about except your lack of existenceI'm just saying.But what I'm “just saying” is all water under the bridge, of course, because a teenage girl with a strong opinion is just being “hormonal”That water should be used to wake people up from their dreams and bring them to a harsh reality Let them see a girl’s world for what it really isBeing a girl is hard because I can't wear my favorite pair of jeans or my favorite dress without being cat called or sent back to my room and told to changeBeing a girl is hard because I can't like a popular band without being a follower or a groupieBeing a girl is hard because I can't walk home at nightBeing a girl is hard because I can't have brains over beautyBeing a girl is hard because I society has taught me thatBeing a girl is hard because I'm “too young”Being a girl is hard because I can't eat too muchI can't ask for helpI can't complainI can't dress up I can't dress downI CAN’T TAKE ITBecause being a girl is hardBut what would I know?I'm only 14 

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sorry if the spacing is a bit weird, it's my first upload

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