Being a Girl in This Cruel World

in this world there's so much do this be that
but I'm me, who is that?
I dont want to be the girl in the magazine
I would rather eat out at burger king
and no I wont be your beauty queen
I am good with being me
now I'm not saying I'm not insecure
 I know that I am a big girl
and I know this is a cruel world
especially when you are a girl
this is a world where
they only care
what you wear
how you do your hair
how much skin you show
if your shirts cut low
never how much you know
with your ducks in a row
It no longer pays
to be a smart girl now a days
they like them dumb and easily played
well that wont be me anyway
Intelligence is not a crime
It will pay off over time
a college degree will be mine
because i chose to use my mind
this is my chance to change my life
become a nurse do what is right


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