Being a 'Girl'

Thu, 06/13/2019 - 18:58 -- RBute


I'll admit it,

maybe I could try on a skirt or two,

but is it so bad if I want to feel comfortable.

I don't wear clothes to amuse you,

I don't aim for perfection or style,

I aim for comfort.

So what if the other girls are wearing makeup

and styling thier hair.


I know I don't come off as very feminine,

but is is really so bad?

Do I have to constantly prove my gender to everyone

all the time?

I find my feminism in the small moments,

the moments when you see yourself in the mirror,

and think "Wow" 

that is what I find the most feminine,

and if that isn't enough,

then I guess I just won't be a 'girl' to you.

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