Being Different.



Doing what other people do.

Cutting class, Skipping school, and getting high,

To fit in with the crew.



To those who don't fit in the clique,

Same name brand shoes and clothes,

Hey, whatever it takes to get along - I go with it.



All of one another, respectively,

Which means that what the leader does, we all follow;

From starting food fights in the cafeteria to being the group of class clowns -


And even bullying.



That that's not really me,

I hear with my own ears, think with my own mind, and do what I want with my own body,

I even have my own eyes - and now I see;



I start coming into my own, myself - not caring who thinks I'm "wack" or calls me lame,

Who says that you have to fit in and become one with others -

And go above and beyond just to act the same?



To do me, on my own, in my own way,

I'd rather dictate for myself what to wear, how to style my hair, and how to behave,

Over blending in with the crowd ANY day.



To make that kind of change,

Caring too much what people think -

The same people who could care less that I exist or care to learn my name.


Beinf Different.

Not listening to what anyone has to say,

What would I change?

My ability to not be afraid to stand out from the crowd;


I hope that I get there one day.

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