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I never knew what news was trying to say

Geriatrics,chiropractics, and semantics play

Black people, my people ,all they do is slay

Oh no, wrong joke, let us go for broke


600 plus,more years, in the making, all there is is hate, sprouting, violation

Blood Gangs,street thangs, exacerbating

Real time, more crime, bullet baking

Swag thing, Hood thing, calibrating

My thing, her thing, self-hating


Stealing,rapping,gaming, annihilation;

mutilation ,hash tag-Black satan

Here we are ,real tall, skyscrapin;

Dread Rasta's , divided nation


One word ,one voice ,inspiration

pro-voice, pro-choice, Motivaiton


I often ask myself is being black braindead?

How can i say that when i beat my wife instead


Am i black if i don't smoke?

Am i black if i don't choke? Am i black cause i don't "beat" ?

Am i black because , i clean the streets

Are you black thats a choice



One thing, one wing-Ivan's kin ( Ivan the Terrible)

Blood Bath-Katrina's thing

So late,so daper

So Drake, Playful Hate


WHere has hip-hop gone,all along

70's had it in like,Armstrong

We thought we'd win ,Black is wack

Right now, we so sound , Long Island bound

But right now ,just like an aglett,it's as if we're not around

Fullstop im brain dead

Light skin,dark skin, all kin uder God

One thing , one time flings, no shin  digs -reality things

the black man or woman they can, go back to be like Cave Man Stan

All they doing is losing, fighting war in Iran


My raps are clean,that's right shoe polish

My raps are mean , Annal of Bum's -Rich,

People all around the hood , look at me- verbosely

Check me out-comatose, me? The most i would have, is

racial tuberosity,

For i write my rhymes overdose on speed

Yes im a drug addict real big

Real chilled,psychopathic Bean Grilled


That's how we're seen like a Broadway show

Problem is, it's not a game bro.

What they see is a rapist fiend,Black Nigga,

slave to weed.


Whats so awesome though, Im glad to put on a show,

reason is I'm a college bloke, need to be? No, sir

But reason is, im thrown dirt, real hurt till hurt growth spurts, till people see what

Im wearing is : A  Che Gueverra brand ,Martin Luther King shirt


I have a Dream, to be big, have a child, let em read till they dead

I have a Dream, when i get one, I'll love my wife , till im dead

First glance, first dance, i'm potential

Second dance, second glance, Im perpetual


I respect, Leslie,Lashley,the Patriarch

My dream is to run this world, Not like Bonaparte


Im not Braindead , just spirit Filled

Loving life ,Ace thrill

Last day on earth, Doing what i will 


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the truth, emphasis and passionate words that this poem shows. 

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